Halo Waypoint App Flight – April 2022

This thread is for you to provide concentrated feedback on the Halo Waypoint app’s functionality or let us know what features you’d like to see added or improved in future updates,

If you encounter bugs during the Halo Waypoint app flight, please submit tickets on the Halo Support site.

  1. Thank you and the team for putting up an update to the app! Excited to see how it is coming along

  2. Armor effects still do not appear in the app (you can equip them, but it won’t show on your spartan) I’ll put in a ticket.

  3. So far, the Infinite customization feels more responsive. It loads faster and seems to have less issues with missing pieces. Note however above armor effects.

  4. Glad to see the ‘best times’ for MCC listed in MM:SS format, instead of just a bajillion seconds like on web.

  5. I wish we could see prior seasons on MCC, not just Season 8

  6. Total weekly challenges for Infinite is no longer there (used to say x/15, now just doesn’t exist) - I suppose that’s OK, as we can just look at upcoming challenges.

  7. Menus look nice and clean, and feel intuitive and responsive.

  8. Would love Fireteam Raven to go live soon - Web version won’t let people create a QR code anymore

That’s it for now, I’ll add more later.
So happy to see this app getting attention.

[edit] - removed comments about app not working/updating, as it is now, and adjusted feedback above to align with new version

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Some more feedback:

  • Would love to see legacy game stats displayed too (And Halo Wars 2)

  • The ability to edit MCC and Halo 5 spartan gear would be AWESOME

  • More stats for Infinite please - I know web doesn’t have any career stats yet, but when it comes, we’ll need it here too. Campaign completion details, maybe even a map of the ring, MP kills/deaths, medals

  • Can we get achievements listed again please? On web and mobile!

  • Seeing challenges that are active for MCC, and progress, would be AMAZING. (we have it for infinite, and previously for HW2)

  • Halo 5 Spartan Company info? Maybe we can’t get the add/drop player functions, but can we at least show Company Commendation progress please?

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I think the beta test for April on the iOS version does feel more improved than the last time I checked it.

  • I like how I can use the battle pass function and see my progress. As well as seeing the challenges for the say/week.

  • I’m still figuring my way through MP in game. But maybe I haven’t found it in the app, but perhaps add a similar gesture to the Infinite section that displays match stats? I would be interested to see my match stats on the app.

  • Agreeing with the above reply that armor customization feels quicker and more responsive. I had some issues so I sent a ticket regarding those things.

  • If I have any more feedback I’ll add them! Meanwhile if I have issues I will send in a ticket.

Overall I am enjoying the app for Infinite (I use it mostly for that game and not MCC or 5 Guardians).

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The number one thing I want out of this app is some sort of Service record that shows me my multiplayer performance, ala Halo Tracker, CoD Warzone’s app, or even prior iterations of Halo Waypoint for prior games. It is the number one thing I would use it for.

As far as general feedback, the app is still extremely slow to load graphical elements, and feels like nothing is properly cached, and is “overly 3d and rendered” for lack of a better term. It feels too complex for it’s own good. Armor components are failing to render correctly still, often just floating in space disconnected from other components. Store items take a long time to display.


to expand on this, I think the nature of the 3D renders of equipment armor etc in the app is a nice idea, but like for Destiny, is too ambitious and unnecessary for a mobile app. I think it would be better for everyone if all these renders were replaced with 2 images that are cached locally, so that the app is faster and quicker to load images. You could even allow a “3d view” by just allowing you to rotate a bunch of 2D images as other apps and websites have done in store fronts. I really think the 3D renders are holding this app and it’s performance back. It feels like an overly complex web page instead of an app that’s loading local resources.

One additional piece of Feedback - Halo 5 campaign stats on both the App and on Web have been nerfed from the last version of Waypoint.

We now only see a total for SP and Co-op completion, skulls, and intel.
We used to have details mission by mission for those stats, including scores and times achieved.
Would love to have this back.


With the launch of Season 2 - the Web version of Waypoint no longer has the ability to customize your Spartan.
Why are we regressing instead of progressing?
I hope this is just temporary as they look to make it work better.


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