Halo Wars, you in?

Looking for someone or a greoup of people to complete the online campaign in co-op with.

Let me know if you can help.


Add my gt Xilewoundz

Hello Waypoint, I know that this is not a Bungie endorsement but if anyone would like to dust off their copy of Halo Wars I’m in need of a second player to play the Campaign cooperatively. If your up to the challenge please message me over XBL!

I’m in

add me and if our times every coincide, then ya I can take through 1 or 2 missions at a time. Legendary runs require both parties to be efficient in certain tactics so I suggest researching on youtube and halowars specific sites if Legendary is your plan.

Yeah invite me GT: Wickenheiser want to do it on Legendary im on the 4th mission very hard one…

OK, I picked up Halo Wars to get at least one of the two achievements that I am missing.

  • Mr. Punctual
  • Running the Show

I have two missions left to get Mr. Punctual, and could use some help on them.

  • Mission 5 - Arcadia Outskirts
  • Mission 14 - Reactor

Looking for help in the two missions.
Please message me or post here if you want to help.

So everyone on either has all the achievements or doesn’t have the game?
Someone should still be playing. I just looking for one person to help with 2 missions in the campaign.

Hey Im willing to try. Be warned I havent tried Halo Wars co-op yet. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Just like legendary, I found that doing on solo is a tad easier than doing it with another person. Reason being that you can save a t any time during. So if you get to a point where you are doing well with good time, you can save instead of starting all over again if you fail. I still need to get a new Halo Wars because the one I have right now has completely cracked down; It only works for 20 minutes before it kicks me back to Dashboard.

yea i need help with that too… i think the screen name that im using is sunny s cal just to make sure just email me at martinjr13@hotmail.com. im down to do it on the hardest level its just more fun lol… when i play halo wars i’ll be on it for hours or even days lol no joke.

have you try to install it to your hard drive?

Is there anybody who would like to play halo wars co-op. most of the time i would be playing. screen for xboxlive (sunndy s cal) or you can send me email at martinjr13@hotmail.com also i need a little hint on how to get a gold medal on mission 15.

prince dre08 is myy gamertagg

I made a post about this earlier. iRstampede is my XBL GT

i love that game

I`m always up for a good game of Halo Wars;Gamertag: Goldn3agle

I need the co-op achievemnts meself if anyone is interested. Would appreciate a gold medal on Aracdia City as well.

GT: SquareRigged

If you’re looking for a co-op buddy for any of your Halo adventures, please check out the existing Looking For Co-Op Partners thread!