Halo Wars vs Other Strategy Games? Your Take?

So I’ve put a ton of hours into Halo Wars back on the 360 (is it reverse compatible?). It is my favorite strategy game after Lotr: Battle for Middle Earth 2. However, I stopped playing Halo Wars due to the obvious flaws–especially unit imbalance and lack of dev support.

But ever since then I’ve had the RTS itch, so I upgraded my pc (which my siblings play way more than me) and got the second Starcraft. Doesn’t beat Halo Wars in pure enjoyability in my book. I can’t wait until Halo Wars 2 comes out. If my PC is strong enough, I will definitely be getting it on there. Only because I wouldn’t want to take up more space on my Xbox Hard Drive. I know keyboard and mouse support will be active for xb1 so there’s no difference.

How does Halo Wars stack up against other RTS to you all? Adjusting for lack of dev support, of course.

Halo Wars is a simple RTS for people who are new to the genre. It is the go to game for console players in the genre. But compared to other RTSs halo wars is a really simple basic game, but that is also the reason I enjoy it more. All the other RTS games have so many things you have to do and if you don’t you will be attack by many enemies at once and if you don’t follow specific rules you die within minutes. Halo Wars let you do something different every game, and even play with the unit imbalance. I wasn’t an irregular event when I found myself playing a game only using one unit to see if I win.

And Halo Wars is not back compat yet but will be soon, presumably this month.

I find Halo Wars to be a pretty weak RTS, to be honest. It’s fun game, and I like it, but I probably wouldn’t care for it if it wasn’t Halo.

Red Alert 2 is probably my favourite.