Halo wars vehicles in halo 4

I would really like it driven a grizzle or a wolverine

i want the sparowhawk


I agree so strongly.

If 343 added tons of different types of vehicles, it would give the game much more depth without hurting any core gameplay aspects.

I really hope 343 can do this now that you bring it up. In fact, I wouldn’t mind almost every vehicle being added from Halo Wars to Halo 4.

If 343 can make them work, I guess in the case of vehicles, the more the merrier.

The lockdown for the elephant could work.

I never played Halo Wars but I have seen the concept art for the vehicles and I would like to see some in my MM but only in a BTB type playlist. As long as they aren’t terribly OP. Also I would like to see a return of the Transport Hornet, that things was highly tactical on objective games.

scarab to be diveable !!!

Sparrowhawk is awesome.