Halo Wars user complaint - cheating

I’ve noticed a few threads regarding the two individuals known as "AK Non Sparei & “Hunter Zen” and I just finished a 2v2 againt them. They sentinal glitch on labrynth with offensive protectors cause their protectors to be invinsible (takes no damage) and they are obviously doing it on purpose. My question is if there are so many documented complaints about these two why havn’t they received a ban or suspension?

Because no one cares.

were they covenant? Did they have their leader attacking your base with the offensive protector or was it just the offensive protector at your base?

if he had his leader or hogs attacking your base with offensive protectors, chances are that he had assigned the protector to his leader or hogs. You can’t kill them if they have been assigned to a unit. You have to kill the unit that they have been assigned to, in order to kill them.