Halo Wars to Xbox One

Has there been any news as to when halo wars will be on xbox one? I’m assuming there will be a bump in population with this plus HW2 coming out this year

Not an actual release date yet but will come out soon

Halo Wars, I love it !!!
When will it come??

when it comes out on x1, i will play the -Yoink- out of it. i mean ya i could just put it in my 360, but whenever i do go back to the 360 i feel so wierd and i feel like the community there is dead.

Halo Wars should be come soon, because it was listed for a short time in the Xbox One Game Store. I dont how i can post pictures here so here is a link to a german page, wich has the picture.


We’ll probably see and hear more at E3 later this year :slight_smile:

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> We’ll probably see and hear more at E3 later this year :slight_smile:

Actually we get Halo wars before E3

does anyone know any good spartan companies for halo wars because when it comes to backwards compatability im gonna need some new buddies to play with on it

It was spotted on the xbox store so hopefully the game comes out soon!!! I hope!!! I’m Excited!!!


I cant wait! I need to finish halo wars

I purchased a pre-owned copy of Halo Wars at GameStop yesterday for $8. I tell the GameStop guy I can’t wait for this to be backwards compatable for the Xbox One. He looks at me like I’m crazy and says its been backcompat since December along with Black Ops 1. I go home and put the game in, even though I knew it wasn’t going to work, and what do you know… it didn’t work.

GameStop guy… Get your facts straight next time bud.

Halo wars 2 at E3 for sure. Yes, its a RTS game, but if halo wars could sell over 2m copies 8 years ago, when rts games on console wasn’t as much demanded or liked, between windows 10 and xb1, i am guessing 4-6m copies of this game sold. This game is a big deal.

This will be huge, come on and release it already! I’m ready for 90 minute battles already!