Halo Wars Service Record?

Hi people, Im pretty new to these forums but seeing as though i can’t find an answer to my question anywhere else…i thought this would be the best place to ask.

I’ve been playing halo wars for a long time, its my most played game ever on the xbox 360 (as far as i know) because i play it near enough every day, its a great game.

However, I’m really interested to know what my total playing time is on the game, how can i find out? I dont really like the idea of sitting at the main menu for a while each time i want to check out my stats…

Any help?


The stats aren’t hosted on Waypoint, but they are ran and managed by Waypoint.

how come they dont transfer it to waypoint

> how come they dont transfer it to waypoint

They might do in the future, I’ve been wondering that myself.

Do you know how much it would take to transfer the global stats of everyone who’s EVER played a game of Halo Wars online from one site to another? This website is laggy enough. I can’t imagine it hosting anything else than what it already has…

Interesting, never new halowars had it’s own domain. Gotta check out my nooby stats.