Halo Wars SEcond edition

Hello everyone,

Boy has it been quite a while since Halo Wars came out. I am OK at Halo Wars, better at the other games, like the shooters. However, I do enjoy playing Halo Wars with my friends in 2v2 Parties.

Anyway, back to the point. Do you think there will be a second Halo Wars based off of Halo 4? I’m really hoping there is, or something like ODST for Halo 4 that comes out a little later just for the fun of the game.

Halo Wars is a great game. Get back with Ensemble Studios, Microsoft and 343. Trust me, a Halo Wars 2 would be great.

-Plasma Ray

I doubt it would be based off of halo 4 but then again it might, the spirit of fire is just floating around space same as the chief so who knows? If you really wanna show support for this there is a 71 page thread gathering support if you havent already seen it. 343 dont forget halo wars or something like that