Halo Wars: Risk

I don’t know if any of you gents have the Halo Wars edition of Risk, but my friends and I have been trying to come up with our own race-specific abilities. Thus far everyone seems a bit too overpowered and all the games end in about five turns. Here’s what we have:


Power: ODST Drop, Can reinforce anything to anywhere at the end of the turn.

Leader: “Spartan,” +1 on dice rolls on the square, does not die until all units are defeated.


Power: “Suicide Grunt,” Any roll of six and the player can sacrifice 1 grunt and automatically destroy 2 of the defender’s units.

Leader: “The Arbiter,” the square with the Arbiter has the suicide grunt ability, does not die until all units are defeated.


Power: “Infection,” Can assimilate 50 percent of the units it kills when it has taken over a territory rounding down. (Rounding down because otherwise it could spread across the entire map once it got into undefended territories, wayyyy op.)

Leader: none