Halo Wars random party

I think it would be better if nobody could see the rank of team and enemies before/during the game. Only at the very end during the post game score breakdown should the ranks be shown

I see games being quit early only due to rank observations. If there is a game with more then 2 generals in one team half the time somebody quits.
This is very annoying and completely breaks the game IMO.

With the transition from halowars to waypoint and the corresponding software update adding a “hidden rank” option would be very nice and should be rather simple to implement.


1st off… It ain’t going to happen just because I think that script for the menus is one of the harder things to change, and there is no longer a development team behind HW. (First they killed Ensemble, then Robot, now stat-tracking: clearly they do not care). This is not to be hostile, I appreciate your intentions, I’m just stating a fact.

My 2nd point… Unless someone is boosting or it’s a second account, the ranks do matter in HW. The people who quit are usually nubs, if it is a second account then the person will hardly care if the other team are Generals. This means that the people who want to quit, are probably saving themselves time and energy by quitting. I don’t think it’s fair to force n00bs to play generals just because they don’t know that they’re generals. If they know they aren’t good enough to play against the team, then they should be able to quit and save everyone the time.

My third and final point… It would be much better to change the TS system (which is never going to happen but I’m just saying) so that a n00b gets almost no penalty for losing against a general and a big boost for even playing decent against them (not even winning). That way there would be more incentive for people to stay in the game. But unfortunately even if this were plausible (and believe me it isn’t) people would still quit because TS and EXP doesn’t matter as much to them as not feeling impotent and humiliated, which is what happens when you lose against someone better than you in an RTS.

Once again, I appreciate the sentiment, but this is quite low on the priority list of things that would save HW.

For future reference the top of that list would be:

  1. Effectively ban boosters
  2. keep stat tracking
  3. A title update correcting some balance issues (buffing cobras, wraiths, grizzly canister shell, debuffing tank speed etc. just as some examples, people probably will disagree on the exact list).
  4. Force people to have mics and not be in party chat in UA
  5. Severely penalize people for friendly fire in UA

People may argue about the placement of priority between these, but these are the major ones that one will glean from the HW forums.

^ Amen. Spoken like a Fine Gentleman. (Kidding)

This truly is a great answer. If only we had a like button :stuck_out_tongue:

why does it matter? i know legit brigs that are better than most generals because they play with and get trained by people like me and better TS people

why does it matter? i know legit brigs that are better than most generals because they play with and get trained by people like me and better TS people