Halo Wars observation mode: [on] off

We were triple Cutter and we mac’d Chieftain’s base to death at 2 minutes in. We then proceeded to mac his rebuilt base 3 minutes later. By the time he had rebuilt his base for the second time, I had researched double mac and only 2 of us needed to mac. Every 3 minutes one of our mac’s would be recharged, and we’d find him with one or 2 bases that we’d mac to death. (We didn’t use units.) Even when he finally got a shielded base, 11 macs can get through it. We proceeded in this fashion for about 40 minutes until finally one of his teammates randomly quit. (We weren’t attacking them at all.)

So this determined Chieftain player literally had no established base, and no units (besides his un-upgraded Chieftain) for over 40 minutes. All he could do was watch the game play out! hahaha His teammates had to feed him $17,700 to keep him in the game.

Good times on Halo Wars. Here’s the link of the game: