Halo Wars Needs a Bigger Ban Hammer

I don’t know how many people on these forums still play Halo Wars,but it is a really great game in my opinion… Except for on seriously ludicrous issue my friends and I have all been having recently. Certain players (A LOT) have been utilizing both host booting and now apparently DDOS attacks to forcibly remove a player they see as a threat to their victory in the game of all things and then immediately attack the remaining players after booting the first player. What is going on? Has everybody lost all form of decency? All we want to do is play the freaking game and we have to encounter these people. Has it ever occurred to Microsoft or any of their subsidiaries that maybe,just MAYBE their paying customers don’t care to have to deal with any of this? I’m sorry its such a big ask to integrate such features as security and banning programs to watch for this,but it is getting out of hand. I don’t mean to just sound angry,but we’ve turned the other cheek long enough. As a student in the art of game design,I can tell you I wouldn’t just let my product go like that. Halo Wars might be an older title on the brink of a sequel,but its not the only Halo title this kind of thing has happened on either. Food for thought…

The company that made Halo Wars went under a few years back. There’s not much attention given to the servers running Halo Wars so the best thing to do is just report the player and move on

im sure things will be better in halo wars 2