Halo Wars multiplayer not working in december


A lof of people is facing an issue in Halo Wars’ Multiplayer.
Is it possible to fix it before january? Shouldn’t Halo Wars be unaffected by the shutdown anyway?

About the issue: In Multiplayer > Xbox Live > Ready (Start button), after the 5 seconds countdown, instead of the TruSkill level message, the orange message is “Could not contact Xbox LIVE. Please Try again.”

Thank you!

Also interested. Tried playing today and got the same message.

According to the official post, HW Matchmaking should still function after January.

Google “halo support XBOX 360 ONLY- ONLINE SERVICES WILL BE REDUCED OR DISABLED FOR HALO 360 GAMES ON JANUARY 13, 2022”, and it should be the first option that comes up.