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Is there a way to contact the writer of “Halo Wars” for confirmation about who led “Red Team”? I ask this because the Halo Wikia and McFarlane Toys say that Jerome - 092 is the leader: Red Team | Halo Alpha | Fandom when in the game it says Douglas - 042 had an the argument with Sgt. Forge about the comment about destroying the ship Prof. Anders was on;

"Unlock Condition: Complete a game with Forge as your leader.

Sergeant Forge confronts SPARTAN Douglas-042 over his recommendation to destroy the Covenant ship carrying Professor Anders. The altercation results in a broken chair, a seal malfunction on a bulkhead door, and a stern interruption by the ship’s AI, Serina; 42 and Forge always eat together in the mess hall following this event."

During the scene where this happens you can clearly see the command stripes on the Spartans armour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAwbJN6DzL4&feature=player_embedded

Wrong section. This is Halo Reach section.

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Forge had an argument with Douglas.

Did you read what I posted? I know Forge had an argument with Douglas - 042 and in the cinematic where you see him make the comment that spawns the argument you can see that he has the command stripes that supposedly Jerome - 092 has… This is what I want cleared up as to who is the leader because the game says Douglas - 042 but not directly.

they are all psychic and their minds are so intimate that they behave as one being…

but no Jerome is the leader. but I don’t think the armour is different so how they tell the difference between each other I don’t know. maybe some sort of visual marker on the HUD?