Halo Wars: Fanmade Trailer

Well guys, I made a new video. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it; I don’t but you guys know me, I hate everything I make xD

Halo Wars: Fanmade Trailer

Me Likey :3

@ 1:27
I always wished my trigger finger was that good.

Glad you liked it :slight_smile:
and yeah, me too xD

if only this were a real commerical. This would seriously make me want to buy it just for cutscenes!!!

lol just playing, i love this game and still play it.

Awesome! I loved the ending. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really good. Much better than anything I could even hope to do.

Here’s some constructive criticism:

  1. Normally you’d want to see gameplay footage for a game trailer, but there are also purely cinematic plot trailers and this is one of them, so you’re good. An RTS also doesn’t really lend itself to climatic gamplay footage, so once again I think you’re good.

  2. There’s lots of action, but it doesn’t progress in a manner that gives us a feel for the plot. I would cut back on a little bit of the action and add some more bits about the Covenant, maybe a clip where the prophet is saying something villainous (like the scene where he says the fleet will crush the humans like vermin). I’d also add the scene where the Arbiter hears that the UNSC has found the planet and he backhands the Elite that tells him. Both those scenes set up the villains.

  3. Add the part where Sergeant Forge tells Spartan 142 that he’ll drive the core into the sun because he has “a feeling that we’ll need every last spartan before this war is over,” it’s very prophetic.

  4. Love the original score. It doesn’t sound immediately like Halo though, you could maybe add a few recognizable parts in there.

That being said, I quite liked it. Good job!