Halo Wars DLC

Hey Waypoint community, dude527 here with a humble request. This thread is not regarding the DLC available currently for Halo Wars via Xbox LIVE (map pack and gametype pack), as I bought those about a year or so ago. Instead, this is about the pre-order/limited edition DLC. That is, the Honor Guard Wraith and Flaming Warthog.

See, I bought Halo Wars back shortly after it came out in March 2009 (I believe the exact date of my purchase was March 26), but I couldn’t afford the limited edition. I certainly wanted it for a few of the items in there, but I just couldn’t spare the change for the limited edition. So I bought the standard edition and had a blast anyways. I admittedly haven’t played Halo Wars as much as I wanted to overall since my friends were usually playing other games, but I’ve found myself really getting back into the 1v1 standard playlist lately. My game needs vast improvement, but my situational awareness and reactions and general understanding of the multiplayer is getting much better than a few weeks ago, and I’ve got to say that it feels really good, and I want to stick with this game for a while.

All that now being said, I’ll cut right to the point: I really want the pre-order exclusive skins. I like the visual flair the flames give the Warthog, and who doesn’t love the Honor Guard Wraiths? I totally would have bought them back when the game came out, and if I was newly purchasing it today, I’d be sure to find an edition with at least one of these items in it. However, as I already have the game, it doesn’t really make sense for me to buy it a second time.

So I just wanted to ask if there is anybody here who maybe has an extra one of these codes for whatever reason and is willing to part with it? That would be very nice of you. I don’t dare to ask any other communities, because I know how Bungie.net is, and I know we’re a lot better (more polite) here. So please, if you don’t have a code to share, don’t come into this thread ridiculing me for being a bum and trying to get freebies. I’m not by any means demanding someone give me a code; I’m simply requesting. In fact, I’d be willing to do a few favors for one; maybe someone needs help with Vidmaster Endure on ODST or something? The way I see it, I know I’m not likely to find anybody who can give me a code, but there’s always the chance I’ll get lucky, and so there’s no harm in asking. For example, about a year ago, a random person on a forum very generously gave me a code for Sgt. Johnson in ODST’s Firefight because they saw how badly I wanted it. I’m hoping to get lucky like that here, but I’m definitely not expecting it, by any means.

I am, however, rambling. I tend to do that. It’s because I’m so excited to be here, and that’s the truth. I love Halo and Halo Wars. Anyways, if you can give me a code or point me in the direction of where I could get one of these items (to reiterate: the Honor Guard Wraith and/or the Flaming Warthog), I would greatly appreciate if you’d post here or private message me. It would mean a lot to me, in fact.

Thanks for reading.