Halo Wars DLC pack

HI there,

I have got these 8 achievements from 2 DLC packs of Halo Wars which i havent paid for and havent bought them.

I dont want these 8 achievements. I have got the 8 achievements but I havent got any maps.

How should i get them removed from my gamer tag.

The 2 unwanted DLC pack are Strategic Options and Historical Battle.

How should i remove the achievements of these 2 packs?

Please help.


You can’t, simply put.

i just finished winning all the games on skirmish maps and didnt get the achivement GALLIVANT AROUND THE GALAXY. Plese help

> You can’t, simply put.

So you mean that the achievements will just stay and i will never get rid off it. Unless I buy the DLC pack. Right?