Halo Wars DLC Codes? Flaming Warthog?

Ive searchd high and low for a flaming warthog code. Even ebay has 1 for sale but its $50. I never played halo wars when it first came out but a year later i hopped back on and became general in like 2 weeks, and master my strategies and defenses, and learned up about the glitches you could take advantage of. Now im addicted to the game. Me and my friends super turtle late at night, its honestly gonna be some of the best memories. Anyway im looking for a flaming warthog code, i honestly couldn’t care less about the wraith, ill take it though :). Its a shame they never added this as a download later on after the games release. Literally the one thing i dont pre-order dosent get put on the marketplace, thats my dam luck.

Ill pay for it too (not $50 though) please help a halo brutha in need.

Thanks in advance.

Aren’t the Warthog codes expired at this point?

I wouldn’t pay $50 either lol.

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At this point i would pay 50 dollars