Halo wars Definitive edition keeps kicking me out

When trying to play halo wars definitive edition it keeps kicking me out of the game and says “you have lost connection to Xbox live. Unable to maintain online session” even though my connection is good. I had my Xbox connected to wifi then wired connection switched to my brothers Xbox and even used his account and still the same problem. Any solutions? Does anyone else experience this? I Uninstalled and installed 3 times now.

I’m pretty sure the original Halo Wars has had it’s online servers shut down, though I could be mistaken.

I’m getting this too. I have a wired connection and tried hard resetting my Xbox one x, router and modem. It’s not just halo wars definitive edition for me that’s messing up like this. Warhammer vermintide II and pga tour 2k21 also kick me out of an online session after 7 minutes or less. I feel like it has to be due to my bandwidth being hogged by other devices connected to my router or my ISP over sold in my area. If it’s my bandwidth idk why I have over 500+ Mbps download speed and only these three games experiences random disconnects.