Halo Wars: DE Text and Messages Bug

Hi. I bought Halo Wars Definitive Edition when it came out on Steam and it ran pretty well on my mediocre computer. A few days after I bought it though certain texts and messages stopped displaying for some reason, such as a few strings of text on the HUD, in the pause menu, and even in the settings. There had been no updates to the game so I’m not sure what exactly changed to make it break. I finally decided to write this form post as I haven’t found anyone else with this problem. Technically the game is still playable, but since certain messages don’t appear it makes it very hard to play.

As for my system requirements to run the game, the only thing that doesn’t meet the requirements is my graphics card, which is a Intel HD graphics 4000 and the game requires a Intel HD graphics 4200, though from what I found those cards aren’t too different and the 4000 is actually a little better in some cases. (At least according to this site: http://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=781&gid2=2165&compare=Intel%20HD%20Graphics%204000%20Desktop-vs-Intel%20HD%20Graphics%204200%20Desktop )