Halo Wars DE: PC "Fatal Error"

I am able to play skirmish vs AI for about 5 minutes, with best graphics and game is running smooth and everything looks great. But as soon as there is too much action on the screen at once the game crashes. Also playing first campaign mission crashes after 20 seconds of gameplay. I have tried reducing quality to minimum but it has no effect whatsoever. It still crashes when theres too much action.

Error message that i get:
FATAL ERROR Connection between Graphics adapter was lost

CPU: i5-4690k
GPU: AMD radeon R9 270x

I am able to play games like Battlefield 1 and Dying light on high graphics without problems but HW DE keeps crashing.

Any help?

Im still experiencing this same issue, drivers and windows are up to date. Sometimes it crashes without giving me the “fatal error” warning

I just bought the game on steam today…was so exited to play it and I got the same issue. Why has this not been patched?

I’m getting the same message. I’m wondering if its cause i’m not using windows 10. Are any of you getting this message on windows 10.


i am playing this on windows 10 game pass ultimate and am getting

FATAL ERROR Connection between Graphics adapter was lost

when i am in the middle of campaign mission. it then proceeds to make my monitor flash a bunch of random colors and restart several times. i thought it bricked my computer

CPU: i5-4690k. no overclock
GPU: nividia gtx 760 2gb, updated drivers to 466. no overclock

windows 10 is updated

how in the hell is this still an issue 4 years after game was released on pc?

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