Halo Wars community night - Tonight 8pm!

Hey guys, I am part of a gaming community at www.placeforgamers.co.uk a UK based gaming community dedicated to informal fun multiplayer gaming.

Tonight we are hoping to organise a “Strategy Sunday” event on Halo Wars from 8pm. It is open to all players and we are hoping to get a couple of game rooms going.

If you are interested either chuck me a FR (im Chunkysatsuma) or head over to the website.

Participation tonight doesnt mean you have to join our website or anything like that, its just as numbers dwindle on Halo Wars it gets harder and harder to get good natured multiplayer going without quitters and the like and it is my fave RTS on a console and I am loathe to let it die!

No invite needed, just jump on if you want to and hope to see you there!

8pm what time zone?
What about all the desync issues?

8pm GMT as we are a UK based community.

The desync issues dont seem to be as bad as first feared and are largely limited to matchmaking, these games will be custom hosted so it should not be an issue.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

So…That’s 4 pm for me at -5 GMT.

Yeah that should be right, dont worry if you cant be there at the start anyway, I cant speak for the others but I plan to play for most of the night so just jump in when you are able to.

Also if you want to check out the website feel free, we are not a UK only community its just thats where the current membership is based is all.

Sounds fun!

This sounds awesome. Any chance you could post a summary for those of us that can’t make it? A brief write up of strategies discussed and what not?

> 8pm GMT as we are a UK based community.
> The desync issues dont seem to be as bad as first feared and are largely limited to matchmaking, these games will be custom hosted so it should not be an issue.
> Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The Sync issues are NOT limited to matchmaking

Anyone who has the update playing against someone who doesn’t have the update can get the sync issues.

sorry to burst the bubble of a possible good evening of gaming. But, it is all surrounding who has the update and who doesn’t.

It appears that the TU5 erased the majority of the 4th Title update.

the players who have purchased the game from the marketplace were unable to get the update for some reason, while everyone who owns the game on disc did.

The code that appears to have been altered were previous changes.

  1. tech 1 gremlins
  2. arbiter taking damage in rage
  3. a scarab
  4. hunter with assault beam upgrade
  5. needler grunts shooting at air units

Those are the different instances that I and others within the community have isolated the sync issues are coming from.

Whenever those units are built/researched/or engage other units, the sync issue will happen. I personally have seen all of these problems happen in custom games.

It has to do with players who have the update (those who are playing the game from a disc copy) and those who don’t (players who have downloaded the game via the Xbox Live Game Marketplace.)

A private game doesn’t change the fact that the code is still not matching between the updated and non-updated players

Hey all.

Thanks for a good night to those that came along, sadly I think a few of our international members arrived after we had played a few games (and drank a few beers) so strategy kind of went out the window.

No issues with our games until one of our members who has the downloaded version of Halo Wars played (it seems that might be where the issue is).

Still I had a few 3v3 and a couple of 2v2 matches that were really good fun tonight.

One of the things I noticed though (that I was guilty of) players get stuck into their favourite strategy and if it doesnt work occasionally find it difficult to change. This problem lead to a 3v3 game lasting over an hour and a half so it pays to always be willing to try something new to break a stalemate, we wernt and the game was ended so I could take an hours break!

I am rambling a tad now as its 1:42am here and I am drunk but main point, Halo Wars is awesome and I love you all :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh we were initially thinking of doing Lord of the rings BFME2 on our next Strategy Sunday but seeing how fun tonight was I think we will stick to Halo Wars - Will post when the event is :slight_smile:

I can’t play although I’m really good. WayPoint screwed up and I get out of syncs constantly.

Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon.

C-King I played with them…

> C-King I played with them…

So they even play with randoms? :wink:

We only have one player who would be considered top tier in the clan, the rest are mediocre to poor but we dont mind, play the game to have fun and dont take it seriously.

That will put some off understandably but if your up for fun - competitive but not serious - online games then jump on over.