Halo wars.com/gamestats

Currently showing 0 recent players and 0 games recently played … also on the game stats area the same matches from a few days ago are still the same posted. Please get this fixed ASAP. My current new account has around 150 games played only 98 roughly are showing but the in game experience is fine. I still gain TS and still gain the wins in actual games… what’s going on

Anyone gona handle this -Yoink-

Thanks for caring 343 …

Thanks a -Yoink- ton guys

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Please don’t bump your post OP. For clarity, when you originally posted it was the weekend so there wasn’t much chance for anyone to really pick this up and act on it at the time. If there is indeed an issues with any of the stats servers, the people set to fix that will likely be aware and prioritizing it accordingly. As Halo Wars is an older game and not fully supported any more priority will be quite low. There have been issues in the past that has taken a little time to resolve, but ultimately they did get fixed