Halo Wars: Co-Op Players Needed

Hey, I have played through the campaign solo on Easy, Normal and Most of the way through Heroic. Basically I want the achievements for playing the entire game co-op. Any difficulty is fine with me although I think Heroic or Legendary would be my preference.

Don’t post your gamer tag on here as I probably won’t come back to these forums but just add my Gamer tag and invite me…

B R tothe E N T

Cool beans … I’m a newb so I don’t do great in MP vs. non-newbs yet but against the AI I don’t see how we could lose …

If anyone needs a partner,Add me Dog 0f War XD

LongMasterWolf, I have all of the Wars Achievements hit me up

I haven’t seen the op online … if someone wants some coop help then hit me up. Forum name should be the same as my gamertag.

Edit: I’m crap vs. people but decent enough vs. the AI – I should easily pull my weight in “hard” difficulty. On higher difficulties I’m hit-n-miss

I’d love to play the scarab mission with you, it’s my favorite. XBL account is EwwwIDied

Always up for any kind of Halo Wars. Just message me that you’re from waypoint so I know and I’ll jump in - Sparks1911