Halo Wars Campaign Stats on Waypoint

So I have beaten the game on co-op Legendary and gotten all the sub-objectives/skulls etc. However your stats page is only showing having completed it on normal I think it is and that I am missing one of the sub-objectives which I am not. Would be nice to have accurate stats for your game on your site.

P.S. I am currently working on Legendary solo and so far that has been accurate.


I figured out what is causing this issue. The campaign best times, scores, etc are all from the mission with your highest score. It doesnt keep track of them separately so it only shows what you had when you finished the mission with your highest score. thats why for mine it says all my missions are only done on easy and stuff…

Sorta a bump, so I noticed that the legendary highest difficulty is now registering on waypoint, however it is still showing co-op as only being easy having been beaten in-game. Also still waiting for the sub-objective that waypoint says I am missing gets added. I have all in-game and have the achievements for that.