Halo Wars Broken?

So I decided I should probably get as many halo achievements as I can before halo 4, Collected 77/79 halo 3, so far 41/47 halo 3 odst, and 57/59 halo reach, So I moved onto Halo Wars!

How fun?

I managed to pull off 7/58 achievements in halo wars. Then something went wrong. I stopped earning achievements. Not sure why. I’ve beaten the game. I’ve logged almost 30 hours of halo wars gameplay now, no achievement, I count everything i kill and everything else required for other level achievements, I have all the skulls, I’ve improved scores on campaign missions. NO ACHIEVEMENTS. Almost as if they dont exist. I’ve gone to my system memory and cleared the halo wars cache, still nothing. I’ve heard about sometimes faulty discs, so i rented a copy of halo wars for a night. Still nothing.

Anyone have a solution as to why achievements are completely impossible to get? missing only 61 total halo achievements, having 51 of them from a single halo game really bothers me, and i would like to change that.

Try refreshing your network connection, recovering your account on a different Xbox and back, or maybe even cleaning your disc(unless you have it in your hard drive). I really don’t know, sorry man, I haven’t dealt with something like this before…

Alright i tried the network refresh, and the disc cleaning. playing a level now to see if it’ll give me any achievements

doing dome of light for the easy skull and protecting the rhinos…

according to halo wars.com you only have 4 skulls and 4 black boxes, you need all the skulls for the achievements, and for the timeline you need all the black boxes and something else but im not sure what

I guess the refresh worked, completing that level i got 7 achievements. now to just finish the rest i guess. Thanks alot! You made me a very happy nerd

maybe halo wars thing hadnt refreshed itself in a while, i promise you i have all the skulls.