Halo Wars as a FREE Marketplace download

I wish this was the case. All of us that paid for the game are suffering because the online pop is so low. IMO after this holiday season the thing should just be GIVEN away with all the DLC.

Remember, you’re addressing the same company that forced this game to have a Halo theme near the end of development in order to ensure sales. I don’t think advocating for a free download is going to get you very far, however, reducing the price to $10-$15 and advertising strongly would make it very competitive against the other XBLA games out there that go for $15.

Not only is this game still fun to play, even after years of tireless grinding from some of us, but it will a much larger amount of content to offer than its price competitors.

Although, the next problem would be how to sell the DLC and I don’t think we’re going to see a price budge there, which will likely turn off many potential buyers who think they need the DLC to fully enjoy the game. Nevertheless, I believe there is still money left to be made out of Halo Wars and, for the community’s sake, I’d like to see Microsoft capitalize on it.

Selling Halo Wars at a discount would be better than making it free. The game still has value.

Honestly halo wars has lost it’s value, for them to expect to continue making profits on this game would be very dumb. If the game was free or around the $3-$5 range, the population would be on the rise. Advertising would be very helpful aswell. I wish they could use this game as a test to see what the outcome would be.

The game is 4 years old with an average population of 2 to 4 thousand on a good night. Having a week long sale at 99 cents or even $5 will really help to boost the population. Yes, I paid a ton for the game and DLC but the game value (in price) has gone down so why not offer it for real cheap and advertise it on the dashboard.

I think its a great idea to reduce the price we get more players Microsoft still makes money off a old game 5 dollers or £7-8 would be perfect