Halo Wars as a first person shooter?

I love the graphics, videos and vehicles of Halo Wars but there’s one thing I dislike, how it looks like Clash of Clans. The vehicles would look, behave and function so much cooler if you made Halo Wars more Haloish. Like the Cyclops, that is such a cool looking machine but it feels worthless because of how small it seems! If you remastered Halo Wars all of those vehicles would seem to have so much more value! Can anybody else take my side?

Yea I’m all for it. I think you should be able to take control of your leader and fight people first person shooter style like halo, but have the ability to flip back to army overview on the fly.

And much much better graphics. So much they could do with the game.

Thank you, this is a guy who gets it!

put in the ability to choose a ground leader/hero for unsc let us control then and give commands while being in first person and i’m sold

I wanted this in original game! It would be amazing.

If halo wars is a FPS makes no sense to call it halo wars of theirs a remake of new halo wars pls leave our had an RTS

We have started a Halo Wars uprising! Attack the old graphics! :slight_smile:

Everyone spread the word of Halo Wars first person shooter!

How would you make this?

I prefer the RTS style of gameplay more than an fps. Still sounds interesting.