Halo Wars and Waypoint

All Halo games have their service record and forums located here on Waypoint, except Halo Wars. This is causing the stats to not load and support is non-existent (they took down halowars.com 3 days ago). No one at 343 cares about this game, its obvious, and there are thousands of people who still play daily. People are starting to assume they are shutting the game down prior to HW2. Fix this so people who play the game will be able to look on the forums for strategies, available players and give us the ability to see our post game stats. The fact that no one even responds to my concerns on the support webpage for Halo only makes me infuriated more and more as time goes on. I have tweeted multiple 343 people every day for a week and i have a post in the HW1 forum on here with only me talking to myself in it.

I agree, it sucks that we had to go to a separate site just to see our stats on halo wars since its not on waypoint. But you said they just shut down the site? I guess everyone is screwed now.

That’s pretty bizarre. Maybe we’ll see an update come Halo Wars 2?

It has been was fixed.


the site may be back up but the stats are still broken LOL