Halo wars 3 would be perfect after Infinite

With infinite being a ten year project a spin off game would be good to have some time after its release.

Also I don’t want another Spartan ops incident where the story is seen in a game and ends in a comic book.


343 industries. Please bring en halo wars 3. Similar to hw2 with more fractions. (Floods, guardians, banished or something new). The story of atriox must continue. I love hw2, please strategy in the halo universe. Hopefully I will be heard… :innocent:

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I want you to create a DLC between HW2 and Infinite.
Or RiseOfAtriox DLC.
The story of becoming Atriox and confronting the Covenant army to drop the Covenant battleship
It’s cool to know the origin of Atriox. Although it is explained, I want to know his heart a little more.


This is a really good idea. Halo Wars 3 set after Halo Infinite. There is definitely a lot of stories they can tell in that timeline. Hopefully Halo Wars 3 can also setup a story where we can finally see Jerome-092, Ellen Anders and James Cutter meet Master Chief in the main storylines.

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I feel like this is what they’re planning to do with Halo Infinite DLC

I uh…

I don’t think The Spirit of Fire’s crew is doing very good right now, just a hunch.