Halo Wars 2v2

Anyone have any good 2v2 strategies? me and my friend keep getting owned. a detailed strrategy is preffered thank you

Well i love Halo Wars. I would say i play a lot of 3 vs 3 but i have played 2 vs 2 some. I have played a bunch of games so i would consider myself experienced. Ill give u some examples on how i do things and mabey they will help you.

I pay attention to the opposing teams leaders because selective leaders build only selective troops. That way i can build my troops to counter the other teams attacks. For example: If both of the opposing players have sergent forge as their leader i would build more anti-vehical troops expecting that they are going to bring grizzlys to the attack. Just adapt to your enemys. but BE CAREFUL. Some times people will pick a leader like sergent forge for example and instead of building tanks, they will build hornets( this is also a very good suggestion on how to go on the offensive.) or something.

Thats why u should always scout out they enemys base. Pay attention to what units they are building and buildings.

Take as many bases as possibly and always max out ur turrets on all of them. A lot of players wont attack a heavily defended base(hint hint)

The most important thing is coordinate attacks with ur teamates, If someones bringing air then bring some ground units.

Attack when they are vulnerable. For example when an enemy bring his whole army to ur base and u fend them off and defeat most of the players units, that is a perfect time to attack the enemys base.

Hopfully these will help u out. If you have any questions just ask.

Most of the above are fairly generic/common sense things to remember.

My advice is to never let up on pestering the enemy. A lot of Halo Wars players prefer to wait in their bases until they can ‘steamroll’ everyone with a massive army at the end. What I do is build some cheap and fast moving units and pester their base. Kill a few guys, maybe take out a building, etc. They’ll be busy trying to kill those units instead of building, giving you more time. My favorite unit to use is the Hornet. Look at the map you are playing on too. Sometimes there are gaps of terrain in the back of the bases. Put some air units there, and then pop out and hit the back of their base. When they try to attack you, just back off into the no mans land. If they are using air, back way off, because they’ll most likely come searching for you then.

always go a covenant/unsc combo so 1 covy and 1 unsc. I will describe cutter/arby in this reply (because its the best combo to use in 2v2 )

when playing ARBY:

DEFENCE 1 : If you see the enemy team has a brute and you think or know (by scouting) he is going to rush, go temple as your 3th building and once your arby is out buy his first upgrade (not the rage one ) and stay on defence. DONT upgrade any of your warehouses when you are getting rushed (because the enemy WILL target them down if good ). Also if they are attacking the center of your base you need to upgrade your base to citadel ( gives it more HP ). Try hitting the brute squads first ( only rage if he keeps moving them ) before you hit the brute chieftain. In the mean time sneak some turrets up to get him off. Once you have gotten him of your base , go to his base and try to stop some unit production buildings. In the mean time get a SUMMIT as the last building on your base and tech up to make vampires (because good brute players go banshees, if he doesnt go banshees yourself). At this point when you think you have the airlead (enough vampires ) upgrade your arbiter and push together with your unsc teammate’s tanks. Run in Rage mode and when you see enemy units RAGE them down but stick with your teammates tanks , dont try to be a hero.

DEFENCE 2 : Sometimes on maps with free base slots ( like: the docks, repository , crevice etc ) good brute players will try to take down your teammates expansion. If you think this will be the case (again scouting) go temple 3th , upgrade your arby and defend your teammates base

Offence 1 : Go temple second , upgrade your arby and immediately go the enemy covenant’s base, try to take down blessed warehouses first ( build 1 or 2 suicide grunts) if he doesnt have any blessed warehouses anymore , make sure he doesnt get anymore building up ( watch out for turrets). If they manage to sneak a turret up build 1 suicide grunt to kill it. Wile you are rushing upgrade your warehouses (if not rushed yourself) and again go for a summit ( maybe 2 if you rush very good and are sure he doesnt get anti air up ) and spam banshees.

Offence 2 : When you know the enemy UNSC has taken a second base ( scouting ) go temple second , DONT upgrade your arby but go mass suicide grunts and lock your base. Once your arby is at the enemy’s expansion unlock your base and kill it with suicide grunts . If you have taken it down go to the enemy covenants base and harras some more.


against double covenant: (NOT DOUBLE ARBY)

If you get a map with an open base slot , immediatley take it at the start of the game and build supply pads in the beginning, against double brute I would suggest barracks as the 2nd building on your 2nd base and build flamers, while in the meantime teching your way up to gauss cannon. Which is al you should have against double covy , because gauss is anti air and will take care of banshees no problem and hunters are too slow and get killed by your teammates rage of banshees. Same goes for wraiths.

against covy/UNSC

Again expand immediately, focus on supply pads in the beginning and tech your way up to tanks. make 2/3 tanks first then upgrade canister shell , double pump till you have 5 tanks and then upgrade to power turret . But this all depens on the situation


harcore rush to get an enemy out of the game early
only works against COVENANT.

as cutter (dont expand) and make 3/4 warthogs , reactor as your 3th building and upgrade gunner . go to the enemy covenants base together with your teammate and your arbiter will drop some suicide grunts in the base and you drop a MAC BLAST on it . ( this will bring the base down 3/4 if not kill it ) keep shooting on the center with your base and it will drop for sure. THIS ONLY WORKS IF THE COVENANT BASE ISNT UPGRADED TO CITADEL , which is the counter for this rush

VERY BASIC HIGH LEVEL GAME TIPS . if done correctly this should get you to 35 trueskill or something like that

if you really want to improve go here : www.youtube.com/bas1sta

dont expect you to read all this but whatever lol