I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming game Halo Wars 2. I’ve even done some other forum posts about it. The one thing that bugs me is the placement of Halo Wars 2 in the universe. One whole year after the events of Halo 5. With that said, here are the top things that people think about when it comes to HALO WARS 2:
10. Alot can happen in a year, especially when we have interstellar ships
Too many things to write

  1. Halo 6 may be the filler between Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2
    If that’s the case, could we see Spirit of Fire in Halo 6 with all the Spartans on board?

  2. Master Chief may or may not make an appearance if the events of Halo 6 has already happened giving spoilers to Halo 6

  • Anything could happen*
  1. We could see an Infinity and Spirit of Fire Team up at some point
  • The timeline is being re-written with every bit of cannon, why not?*
  1. Serena obviously went rampant by now, so will we ever be given a goodbye letter or something from her. Something like Dear Capt. years of passed and I must shut down but i left an assistant for you or something.
    Some video logs or something throughout the game would be nice

  2. Will we see a possible a Spartan death in Halo Wars 2?
    The preview gave us a glimpse

  3. Will we see those awesome tanks from the first Halo Wars 2?
    That tank was cool

  4. Being 20 plus years in cryo with outdated weapons, does the crew really stand a chance against a rag tag team of covenant with updated firepower?
    Weapon advancement didn’t stop for beings in the universe while it did for the ones in cryo.

  5. Could we see the created by the end of the game?
    The description of Halo Wars 2 in various sites has stated that the created has yet to reach the ARK

1.Will it be any good or will it be a massive let down like HALO: MCC?

  • MCC let us all down with day 1 massive update, the 6 month wait to play a broken multiplayer match made game, the constant patches, and more.*

That is my top 10 worries or thoughts we have on Halo Wars 2. Only time will give us the answers and knowing 343, even more questions. What are your thoughts, complaints, or worries about Halo Wars 2?

  1. one year is purely the event that taken place in Halo 5…

  2. halo 6 start after Halo war 2 event … as the Ark is being explored during Halo war 2 an mainstream…

  3. references of Master Chief heroic deeds on the ark will be drop in Halo war 2

  4. most likely the Spirit of Fire will be lost… more like adrift toward an newer goal…

  5. SOF without an crew… serena will retake the ship…lol…

  6. Douglas is out of commission… for most part but will be back…

  7. old tank are back with an added bonus…

  8. SoF has Isabella who has modern technology archive of UNSC… so the crew need to collect resources needed to forge the new tech onboard the SoF R&D section, also the ARC has many technology laying around for them to take an reengineered to faced off the Banish… SoF can savage stuff from the banish… an remain of Halo 3 conflict.

  9. in the distance future of untold … we might get some gimps of the Created but as of now it non-existences… since it the early stages…

  10. it was push back to next year due to … being understaffed an needed further polished on the game to have the complete feel to it …

the Halo: MCC was an mass due to it had too many different component to it as it didn’t work well with each other with all the halo games version as it has many factor an outsourced it to few other groups…

Since Halo Wars 2 is a year after the events of Halo 5, there could be a place for the banished in Halo 6 (since the Covenant is basically done for). And its a possibility that the Spirit of Fire will cross paths with Infinity. Possibly in Halo 6 Master Chief (with Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris) will have to fend off the Banished will trying to stop Cortana and her Gaurdians.

when it will come out the other beta?

I never want to play and want to leave :slight_smile:

Although it is the first beta had some hope and resolve lag