Halo Wars 2 XB1 Fort Jordan Broken

To the Halo Wars 2 Development Team
Issue: Textures broken
Map: Fort Jordan
Message to Developers:
Fort Jordan has been broken for almost a year maybe more. The textures of the units hero’s and some of the landscape are completly black. This is mostly because of the tall grass being changed to black and the various units from all leaders in the game.

But it doesn’t stop there when your viewing the areas affected by the broken textures the contrast starts to skyrocket making the screen barely viewable last time I played on it I almost had a seizure playing it. Not joking.

Also the only area in the game not affected by the broken textures is the sloped concrete area where the one team starts the only thing is units and hero’s are still affected even when on the concrete area. Also the contrast slowly reverts back to normal when your camera is hovering over the concrete. But even then gameplay becomes next to impossible because I can’t see where the enemy team is because of the textures and contrast.

This was my favorite map same goes for everyone else who loved it back when it was fort dean in halo wars 1.

Please fix this.

From a Fan.