Halo Wars 2 won't start

I’ve been having trouble with my Halo Wars 2 digital copy, when I try to start the game, it tells me I need a 2.9 MB update. I notice how small it is and I hit “Update” but when it takes me to “My Games and Apps” the update starts up then cancels itself after a second and remains at 0%. I’ve contacted Xbox Support and they assure me that there is no problem with my account or my Xbox One. I’ve tried deleting saved data, downloadable content, and the game itself, but when I try to access it again after reinstallation I have the same problem. I’ve reset my xbox, signed out of my account, and changed advanced settings in my network tab as advised by the support team. Nothing seemed to work so they suggested I post in the game forums and waited for the developers to contact me. Thanks for reading.

All they are gonna do is redirect you to another forum. Short answer: they -Yoinked!- up and have no timetable for a fix

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> All they are gonna do is redirect you to another forum.

Because the support forums are the proper place for posts like this to be moved to or redirected to.

This is part of a known issue and has been investigated by 343 and escalated to the team at Xbox. Looks like Xbox have identified the issue and are working to fix, just a matter of waiting for that to happen. Keep updated with this topic for for more details: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/f0258e8001734968984e8b56990f8daf/topics/halo-wars-2-installation-stopped-fixed/0babd33e-849e-42c2-997a-774f28ceaace/posts