halo wars 2, what factions would you like to see?

i would love too see a promethean faction. That would be really cool, imagine what new vehicles and units you could use. what about you guys?

I think that there needs to be several factions, not just two or three.

I think there should be a Promethean faction, there could be new units too! Such as a Promethean tank that hovers or a Promethean Warthog type.

I hope they bring back the Flood as a faction as well as adding the Prometheans along side Sentinels

it would be awesome to see a faction comprised of both human and covenant units from the the alliance made after the war, also to see a playable flood faction with there units and maybe with those heavy tank flood units, the prometheans would be a nice addition to the fight as long as they were balanced properly and they would be the perfect counter to the flood since in the books and the game series the flood cannot infect sentinels and promethean beings, it would be nice to have 7 or 8 factions comprised of the wide variety of units seen in the entire halo franchise the brutes would be a welcomed addition as well maybe even have the prophet make a comeback along with a new unsc faction and a covenant faction this does not include the alliance kind of faction mentioned earlier that is a separate thing all together



The Jiralhanae/Brutes will most likely be there own seperate faction.


Covenant (Elites and Brutes like HW)
Prometheans? - I feel like if they are done right they could be pretty cool

UNSC (obviously)
and maybe insurrectionists

Rebellious covenant remnants and playable flood

lets see UNSC covenant flood rebels Prometheus the brute faction that’s about it

UNSC [Main Faction]
ONI [Sub faction/General]
Corporate [Sub faction/General]

Covenant [Main faction] - Standard covenant, think prophet from Wars 1
Brutes [Sub faction/General] - Think the chieftain from Wars 1 only with all of their units being ‘brutalised’
Swords of Sanghelios [Sub faction/General] - Think the ‘Arbiter’ from Wars 1 only with more unique SOS units and skins
Heretics [Sub faction/General] - The heretics from wars 1. Could make for an interesting general with a unique look

Insurrectionist [Main faction] - We see them on halo wars 1 as a minor faction, would be nice for them to be fleshed out and playable. It would definitly spice up the gameplay

Flood [Main faction] - Doesnt really need a justification/explanation

Foreunner - Already in halo wars 1 as a minor faction [where you could buy their units] would be nice to have them as a main faction with some maps allowing you to buy certain units


Playable Flood

I want a flood faction to be playable for single player game modes (except campaign) and multiplayer.

Would love to see Prometheans added.

A separate UNSC Army faction down the line would be really cool. With Troopers instead of Marines, Airborne instead of ODSTs, and Warthog APCs and stuff.

Also New Colonial Alliance, Swords of Sanghelios, Flood, and Prometheans. Basically the standard.

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> lets see UNSC covenant flood rebels Prometheus the brute faction that’s about it

id also like to add a sword of sanghelios faction

I would like to see the Insurrectionist return in Halo Wars 2