Halo Wars 2 Voice Lines

Before I begin I must say this. I am in no way certified to tell people their opinion sucks and mine is better(I wish) so please take everything with a grain of salt. Now on to your regularly scheduled post.

Ahh, voice lines. Every game has at least a few ones. And Halo Wars 2 does not disappoint. Every unit has a voice line or two when told to do certain commands, go some place, or even when they are just standing around doing nothing. These always make me smile as I just like the effort that went into making these voice lines. So I’m going too name off a few of my favorites. Note these are not in order of my favorite as there is almost no way I could decide.

  1. Marines: All of their voice lines are funny and exaggerated but my favorite is,“First kill wins a fluffy toy!”

  2. Locust: Whenever getting hit by something they don’t say the normal,“Getting hit by air units” instead the cowardice grunts inside them say,“Why are they picking on me?!”

  3. Nightingale: Nightingales be sassy. “Wheels, axels(I actually can’t tell if he says “axels” or “ankles” so I’m just going to put axels) you guys will break anything!” And,“What’s broken this time?”

  4. Forgehog: This one is kind of a spoiler for Halo Wars 1 so I’m not gonna explain why it’s funny. Just know it is. Sometimes when the forgehog is just sitting around it says this line,“Don’t ask how I got here, it’s a long story.”

  5. Grunts: Whenever you tell them to go pick up supplies they show their true potential. “There HAS to be snacks in one of these crates!”.

  6. Mantis: Whenever standing around they say some of the most FUNNIEST voice lines. Such as,“Do you wanna see me try to scratch my nose?”.

That’s really all I could think of. There has to be more but I can’t remember. If you guys have any other’s you’d like to say, feel free too.


LOL marines say the best stuff, I just love it when he says “switch yer boots fer slippers, marines!” and “If this were any easier, I’d be writin’ the report in CRA-YON!”

I love how the nightingale IMO always sounds like he hates his life. My theory is he used to be the hornet pilot in HW1(he also sounded bored), then got super psyched when he got to fly the hawk, but after it was decommissioned, he chose to never fight again, in South Park terms: “Screw you guys, I’m goin’ home!” Unfortunately, he couldn’t get off the SoF, so he had no choice but to be a pacifist as a nightingale pilot. Such a sad story :stuck_out_tongue:

Nightingale is grumpy because he only has 2 attacks:
1.) Smoke (not an attack)
2.) Harsh Language (not an attack)

Some of my favorites are:

Grunts getting supplies: “Guess Atriox loves boxes, heh who knew?”
Nightingale taking damage: “I’m taking heavy fire! And all I’ve got is harsh language!”
Johnson engaging the enemy: “Like taking candy from a baby… A BIG ugly baby.”
Warlord engaging Ultimate Unit: “I’m no coward, but this is suicide!”
Marines moving: "Do I have to dropkick you there? Move It!
Selecting a Damaged Chopper: “Fix my ride, get it?” Reference to -Yoink!- my ride.
Cyclops being attacked by Air Unit: “They are sending air units against me? That’s just unfair!”

Now for Leader quotes:
Decimus getting roflstomped in Blitz: Send me a Grunt, I need to kick something… HARD!
YapYap getting a Shield Gen: This Shield Generator is almost big enough to cover the posterior of YOUR MOM! Snap!

Some of my favorite lines are from the Grunts.

Grunt: What is a soldier without war?
Cannon Fodder: IS IT FOOD, IS IT FOOD?
Yapyap: What is this a base for ants?
Methane Wagon: Time to pump up the troops with DEEELICIOUS GAS! MMMHHMMM!

Some of the leader quotes are good too

Arbiter: Show me the path to glory, ARRRRGH
Colony: Finalize…their destruction
Atriox: snort grunt Our base is under attack…

Let’s not forget Pavium: “They will not break us, they will break upon us!”

Yap Yap THE DESTROYER: Have we taken down the enemy hero?! I meant, of course we have!

My buddy is always saying that when he plays Forge, and I laugh my tusks off every time!

We’ll play Terminus, he’ll play Forge and when he rides over to help me defend a wave, he’ll finish them off and than finish with
“Don’t ask how I got here”
It’s beautiful!

My favourite has to be Grunts though.
Since launch I’ve always chuckled when they said this.
“Ever wonder if we’re all being controlled by some higher omniscient being?”

If there’s one that really makes me happy though, it’s Honour Guard grabbing resources.

“Why would you waste my Skills are wasted on gathering?” Or something like that.