Halo Wars 2 User Experience Talk (GDC 2018)

For those who are interested, here’s the Halo Wars 2 User Experience (UX) presentation Max Szlagor (343 Design Director) gave last week at GDC 2018. It’s not too long and worth watching.

Video: ‘Halo Wars 2’: A UX Postmortem

PDF slides: ‘Halo Wars 2’: A UX Postmortem

Description: “Overview 343 Industries shares how they tackled the unique challenge of delivering a high quality, cross-platform UX vision for ‘Halo Wars 2’ across multiple studios. In this session, they will review the iteration process behind the all new Blitz mode, the trade-offs and successes of making great controls and experiences for 2 very different platform audiences, and how the 343 team weaved the feel and narrative of ‘Halo’ throughout the experience. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how design and UX pillars help focus teams and specialists located around the world to deliver a compelling experience.”