Halo , wars , 2 (((updated)))

My last post for a update to Halo Wars 2 got some feedback so I went ahead and added more to it. So,

-(First and foremost), Halo Wars 2 is hugely neglected sadly and NEEDS a massive update!! It needs a patch where people do not get kicked out of the match after 20 minutes or so of gameplay, because it happens so frequently. I can barely play a custom multiplayer match with my friends without the game freezing and kicking us all from the game when we all have good service and the brand new xbox series X. Needs to be fixed!

-(Secondly)the game needs a massive Map Pack add in to skirmish and multiplayer where Classic HW1 maps are now added in to the game such as Terminal Morraine with the light bridges, The Docks, Crevice, Frozen Valley, etc. (Also Fort Jordan needs the garrison light barriers in the center and sides of the map, its a huge deal to the strategy of that map.)

-(Thirdly , these leaders NEED this tweaking/additions)

•no need for General vehicle upgrade 3 times, every garage built already comes with vehicle upgrade level 1, so now only requires Vehicle upgrade level 2 and 3.
•To replace the Mantis, Gauss warthogs(fully upgraded Gauss Hogs already able to be made once a garage is made are able to roll out.)
•Scorpions (Instead of having colossus’s now has classic Halo Wars 1 looking in appearance and sounding scorpions that have no need for a canister shell upgrade as they all already come with it.
•No longer has Victory Surge, now has a passive leader power that can be unlocked with a leader point to have classic halo wars 1 Cobras able to be created in the main base but are very costly , 600 a pop with blue supplies and 200 yellow power.
•Fireteam Zulu- name of the new replacement leader power, where Johnson Uses captain cutters Pelican circle Close air support and gets rid of the emp Mac blast.
•Johnson as a leader no longer has a mech suit but now comes as a normal marine looking hero holding a battle rifle (same way Sgt Forge was in HW1 Campaign without his warthog holding a shotgun); and now has the ability to get in and out of one of his scorpions by pressing X on a scorpion , (like how Jerome can do with his command mantis) or he can just garrison inside a bunker drop. Johnson can be upgraded to where his battle rifle does more and more damage. His first upgrade is still his Y ability- beacon.

•Mantis’s instead of warthogs
•Colossus’s instead of scorpions
•Replaces “Victory Mine”, with “Victory Surge” stealing it from Johnson.
(Pretty much takes what I took away from Johnson.)

•Now uses FrostHawks instead of Hornets

•Uses updated plasma rhinos that lock down and and are Excellent against shielded opponents for her scorpions to attack such targets easier now getting rid of Kodiaks due to her obtaining old data once held by Serina (no longer held by Serina) such files given to her by professor Anders about the prototype Plasma Rhinos.
•now uses classic halo wars 1 ability, “disruption bomb”, where it blocks out all leader powers in the area.

•replaces Grizzly battalion with a Halo wars 1 style fully upgraded carpet bomb that does mass damage to ground troops and small vehicles.
•still makes grizzlies in garage

•Close Air Support now replaced with the Emp Mac blast that Johnson once had. But now where the blast can be upgraded to a total of 4 Emp Mac blasts to be shot at once to be like it was in Halo Wars 1 being much more lethal.
•odsts take longer to load but costs less population and now cost half the resources to drop.
•everything else about cutter stays the same

•No longer uses Brute warlord hero
•no longer has Decimus drop as a leader power, Instead Decimus himself is the only hero made in the war council.
• Decimus now uses the Halo wars 1 Vortex ability called HURRICANE to replace the Decimus drop leader power, just as the brute chieftain did in the first game. The ability is not timed it only ends when you end it or if it stops on its own being it depletes your yellow power resources when using it. The ability gets stronger as more units are pulled into it until you end it in an explosion … All unlike the “vortex lightning” that already exists where it simply hurts and stuns enemies and lasts only a few seconds.
•Decimus no longer has his Y ability to call in glassing beams and no longer has energy shields but when fully upgraded his damage and health alone acts as if shields were pointless anyway.
•Now can upgrade his wraiths to become Iron Clad wraiths, pretty much the grizzly equivalent of wraiths slow moving having an equal amount of health and one mortar shot is as powerful as a grizzly blast.

•Atriox’s leader power Eradication now has increased initial damage where the beams are now red in color instead of blue.
•Has two brute heroes now,(similar to what Decimus once had) both being made in the temple,

  1. first hero is Atriox’s chosen exactly how he is already with a now slightly higher rate of fire no more energy shields but dramatically increased physical invulnerability where the stats of the shields are just added to his health.
  2. second hero is the warlord that was once Decimus’s hero now with 10% increase to hammers damage dealt to enemies.

•Liche now starts off coming down from the sky with a energy shield same way retriever sentinel does, Liche beam now temporarily stuns a target when firing on them similar to how the Liche in halo 4 stunned the mammoth.
•Pavium hero can heal himself with the restoration drone that follows him, but the heal is very slow and not as effective as for example the Hunter captains heal.

•No longer has Mass cloaking, given to another leader.
Instead now has a Liche Vanguard exactly how Pavium has, only the shipmasters Liche has the center portal that only allows yours and ally units to go into it to teleport to a nearby main base, rather than Pavium’s where you can train units out of it. The Liche also starts off with a small shield generator and its beam stuns enemies when firing on them.

•Cleansing- name of Arbiters new main leader power Which was Decimus’s Y ability , for it is now Arbiter’s main ultimate leader ability lasting about 4 to 5 seconds to replace mass stasis.
•scarab now has the classic halo wars scarab skin, uses an elite voice operating it praising the covenant instead of a brute inside it praising the Banished. Arbiters Scarab moves slightly quicker when walking and shoots a large green colored (almost Hunter style) beam with a classic halo 3 scarab style anti air turret on its back, though it still shares the same exact health and damage dealt as any other normal scarab in the game wouod though now without a shielding Y ability.
•Arbiter no longer has the Power Surge ability instead classic conduit of rage from Halo wars 1 takes the place of that spot in the dial.
•to replace the empty spot on the dial the passive style conduit of rage power once had, Arbiter now has Covenant style mega turrets just like Pavium has Banished ones, where Arbiters has an elite voice operating it and with blue plasma mortars instead of red.
•Stasis Mine is now replaced by a Orbital designator like Pavium’s but much smaller in diameter being the same in diameter as the circle presented with shipmasters extraction ability.
•all weapons of arbiters troops shoot blue plasma not red (including only the elites within the grunt squads, elite enforcers, banshees plasma repeaters, Wraith mortars and plasma cannons, spirits gun, plasma bolts, mega turret mortars)
•Phantoms now have increased health equal to that of a UNSC vulture now and their main gun’s damage increases by 50%

•Can now upgrade locusts to be Bloodfuel locusts from Blitz mode.

(the operation spearbreaker odst character to now be a new multiplayer leader)
•Vaughan himself (the squad) is the hero unit made in the armory.
The hero upgrades are

• 1.) Restoration Drone- odst squad now has a Heal ability and increased movement speed

• 2.) Zero in- a Sniper/laser ability and increased line of sight

• 3.) RPG- a natural Rpg ability and highly increased damage.
•Vaughan instead of Hornets, uses “Ravens”. Like Serina’s frostraven but now without the Ice part. Where the Raven will look and have the same health as a frostraven but it’s beam is not of ice; instead a concentrated stream or “beam” of antiarmor bullets that rips vehicles like a wraith apart very fast. It will have a Y ability to gauss cannon an opponent instead of the ice bomb the frostraven has. This aerial vehicle is a bit slow unlike the hornet,so it’s good to have a nightingale with it.
•Vaughan uses purely odst squads instead of marine squads, giving this leader the advantage in infantry (fitting).
•Vaughan’s special units in the main base are Falcons (from Halo Reach) where they come as aerial garrison units similar to Arbiter’s phantoms but with much less health; having equal health to nightingales. The falcon comes with two warthog style chaingun turrets on each side of it and a small grenade launcher on the nose end. This unit also allows friendly ally units to garrison inside it if they want to. Falcon only upgrades once to have an extra space for garrisonsable units.(from a max of 2 to having a max of 3)
•Vaughan’s leader powers are

• Remote sensors- increase line of sight for buildings (can be upgraded)

• Falcon passive power(now trainable in main base)

• Holographic decoy

• Disruption Bomb(exactly like in HW1)

• Restoration Drones(upon upgrading this ability to restoration drones level 2, all buildings now passively have a single restoration drone that hovers above them to heal the building, similar to Pavium’s ability to heal his buildings)

• Scatter Bomb(upgradable 3x but lasts 2 seconds longer than Forges scatter bomb)

• Odst drop(like Cutters)

• Turret Drop

• Odst assault team(2 falcons and 1 pelican drop off 4x odsts 1x scorpion and 2x cyclops-upgrades to have another pelican drop off 2 more odsts and 1 more cyclops and 1 more scorpion and all units have increased veterancy)

• Prepare to Drop -passive ability where ODST drop load time is greatly decreased

(New leader)-
•uses jackal squads of 2 common HW1 style jackals (though Banished style) with shield gauntlets and plasma pistols to replace grunt squads.
• jackal squad upgrades to a needler upgrade just like a grunt squad does where thr upgrade adds in a new member to the squad-a halo 4 style jackal with a needler.
•Jackal squad upgrades one more time to have a Y ability, the supreme gauntlet ability where pressing Y makes the jackal squad temporarily invulnerable ONLY to infantry fire (not vehicles or air units) somewhat similar to how scarabs use Y to have a shield making them temporarily invulnerable to all forms of damage.
•Skirmisher unit using same plasma caster weapons elite enforcers use and needle rifles instead of brute plasma rifles where the needle rifle automatically creates an explosion on target where elite enforcers are seen throwing plasma grenades. For the Jackal Pirate queen leader This skirmisher unit replaces the jump pack brute/Goliath/elite enforcer/brute rider unit for other leaders.
•Jackal Quartermaster- this jackal hero unit is a halo 4 style looking jackal using light energy shields like that of a common Spartan and its weapon is a Stalker rifle. The hero’s weapon is very effective and the hero can move around the field as fast as an honor guard can but once it’s shields is gone it’s health is like that of an average non upgraded Spartan hero, i.e. weak. Y ability makes the hero run and melee the target enemy to death with an energy cutlass.
Upgrade 1 -Pirate rage increases movement speed and rifle damage
Upgrade 2 - Pirate wrath increases health and rifle damage
Upgrade 3 - Crystal blade makes jackal Y ability to melee a unit to death with a energy cutlass just as the arbiter or shipmaster would with their energy swords.
-Leader powers include-
•Jackal Raid - passive leader power to increase resource capture speed.
•Power Surge- a power Arbiter once had , no longer, now the jackal queen has.
•Disruptor- name of the Banished version of the Unsc disruption bomb from halo wars 1 dropped from the sky by a liche flying by.
•Jackal palisade- exactly the same heal ability as Atriox’s Bulwark, but shorter duration.
•Plasma bolts -ability which starts off with 2 and upgrades twice to have 4 bolts where arbiter starts off with 1 and upgrades to have 3.
•Drone Swarm- leader power almost exactly like Anders sentinel Ark Defense ability but with insectoid drones using plasma pistols instead of sentinels that disappear the same way colony’s engineer swarm goes away.
• Jackal Spirit - leader power where a spirit drops off a fully upgraded Hunter with 2 stars, two Skirmisher squads each with 1 star and a jackal sniper with 2 stars.
•Orbital spotter - exactly the same leader power as Pavium’s orbital designator but exposes a significantly smaller area than Pavium’s large area only really able to expose the size of a building slot.
•Mass Stasis another leader power taken away from arbiter given to this leader.
•Destroyer glassing beam-MAIN leader power a basic single Red glassing beam NON-player controlled (hits only 1 selected spot, that is as powerful as a fully upgraded normal player controlled glassing beam but no longer lasts only 9 seconds now lasts for 15 seconds glassing that one single spot.(note Pavium’s rain of fire fully upgraded lasts for 12 seconds)

•Jackal queen does not use Elite Rangers. Instead has a unit exactly like the UNSC sniper unit , except it’s a single normal jackal with a beam rifle and specialized helmet that can reveal cloaked units.
•uses normal banished hunters
•uses normal banished suicide grunts
•uses Normal banished brute chopper with a brute driving it
•uses banished brute operated Mauraders
•uses normal banished wraiths
•uses normal banished locusts but with a brute voice not grunt.(jackals hate grunts and give them terrible jobs aka suicide only).
•uses normal banished banshees but with brute voice not elite.
•Uses Normal banished shrouds
•Uses Vampires from the first Halo Wars game. stasis still works even if the vampire unit is frozen from a frost raven , firing heavy needler rounds instead of plasma that is even more devasting than reaver missiles as each needle round is just as strong as a reaver missile but if the target air unit is below 25% health a few hits will supercombine and explode the air unit.
•uses iron clad banished blisterbacks

And that’s a wrap! Please 343… I truly love Halo Wars 2 and dont wanna see it Crash and burn and be forgotten, this would be the revitalization it needs.
Coming from someone who Played Halo Wars 1 since 2009 and literally has over 1000 hours spent on that game with my cousin lol (should be an achievement in itself) , DO this!


I’m about balance
Vulture’s Phoenix missile and YapYap’s recovery ability recharge time is 1.5 times longer than it is now.
If you can strengthen the anti-aircraft capability of the infantry (I’m glad if the damage is about 1.2 times)
I think you can enjoy it in a pretty good way.

After that, the data of the campaign blur cutscene
Since the save data loss bug that only two of the endings disappear is left unfixed for 2 years
I want you to fix it.

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Both of which I sort of cover in my first point without going into detail. Yes. Bug fixes for sure

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First & foremost the game needs to have the saves glitch fixed. Having all your saved game data vanish for no reason is NOT FUN. I’ve brought this up countless times on the old version of Waypoint and will continue to do so here.


I LOVE this idea. :heart_eyes:


Meaby with MODs you can change somo of these tips you posted but I would like 343 check it this forum and resolve some of these problems