Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition on PC dead? !Help!

I just bought the ultimate edition of this game and when I go to install it on my computer, it says (See “Available on” below for devices this product runs on. It won’t run on this one.) I have been on with the Microsoft and Xbox Support all night and we can’t figure it out.

I bought a key for the ultimate edition and redeemed it on the windows 10 store and the only option is to install it on an xbox, this is a play anywhere game so it should work right? My current train of thought is that the complete edition has wiped the ultimate one away and yet it didn’t stop me from using my code to get the xbox version?

I want to play this on the pc, any help would most definitely be great.

The same thing happened to me, and I managed to fix it. Only thing is, it happened a few months ago and I can’t remember what I did to fix it. I’ll try to remember what I did, but just know that there is a fix. If I remember right, it had something to do with the start menu. See if Halo Wars 2 is under H in the start menu, and see if you can right click > install.

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The Ultimate edition and regular edition are both the same.

For PC and Xbox One there’s only one digital edition and that’s the halo wars 2 "standard edition"The Ultimate edition comes with a DLC code for a season pass that also has halo wars DE. Which both have to be downloaded and installed separately.

Check out the Microsoft store, search “Halo wars 2” under the games you should see 25 items and under apps 2. Click show all to the right of Games(25) show all will be to the far right.

Now if you look at all the DLC and extras you should own “Halo wars 2: Standard Edition” along with "Halo Wars 2 Season Pass"You will need to click on those individually and download and install each.

When you buy a physical copy of halo wars 2 or halo wars 2 ultimate edition it’s the same thing. The disks are identical the only difference is ultimate comes with a DLC code.

I hope this helps.