Halo Wars 2 Storyline Ideas, Opinions, etc.

So jumping onto the subject, to fuel the Halo Wars flame, here are my ideas on a Halo Wars 2. To start off, remember the Halo Wars Ending, how it had the cliff hanger of the Spirit of Fire going off into space. Now like most Halo Games except for Halo 4 which was basically a full story, Halo Wars was a game BEGGING for a sequel. Now we also see that the SOF had to make it back to Reach seeing as SPARTAN Team Red was present on Reach. Halo Wars 2 could be the game to give the satisfaction to the vast majority of the Halo Reach anticipators who wanted to see MASSIVE Space Battles and not be the guy on the side who was doing the spec ops mission. The SOF could end up at Reach, though it’d be far fetched with the crew surviving that long after from 2530 to 2552. So another idea: Why not have the SOF Rally up with the next battle in the Halo Timeline. Like the SOF coming into a system in the year possibly like 2534 of 2535. That could continue the Halo Wars Story.

So put your input and other ideas for Halo Wars 2, discuss the storyline and how it should conjure with the rest of the Halo Timeline.

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