Halo Wars 2 Story

Depending on the time frame the sequel, I thought of some ideas for the campaign story

Halo Wars 2 as a Prequel
If the time frame is before the events of Halo Combat Evolved, I would love to two story arches. One following the Covenant leading up to the problems the UNSC face and the player must resolve.
For the Covenant, it would be awesome to how the Brutes became incorporated in the Covenant. The Covenant are in conflict with Brutes and some Brute tribes have succumbed to might of Covenant and others still fight. A fleet was dispatched under an Elite commander and one of his officers is the younger Thel Vadum’ee, who would become the Arbiter in Halo 2 (I hope I spelled his name right). He is dispatched on a set of missions to crush Brute resistance. A series of battles ensues and ultimately the Elites are victorious and the Hierarchs and the Prophet of Truth notice the fight the Brutes put up, something he’ll keep in mind for the events of Halo 2.
Now the Brutes have been brought to heel, the Covenant set out to attack UNSC forces. At this point it would be cool incorporate space battles. The Covenant come out slip space and battle with the UNSC for control of space. One reason I believe this would be so fantastic, it would break up the feel of the missions and give the player a break so many land battles in a row. (Land battles would be the focus of the game and campaign, but space battle will help shake things up and provide welcome break).
The Covenant begin landing and bit of political intrigue starts happening at the higher ranks. Elites are still charge, get most of the glory, but at the request of Hierarch’s (and perhaps the Prophet of Truth) the Brutes are assigned ever more critical missions. As a result, they are pitted against each other, explaining the tension between the two races, and all the while they are pawns in the Hierarches game. (Some of the missions here might include capturing strategic positions from the UNSC and searching for forerunner artifacts crucial to the Covenant religion). The final mission perhaps could be a Brute offensive, leading to the events seen in the teaser trailer.
The UNSC would follow a trio like Halo Wars did. Their missions would aim to evacuate the planet, and a series of land battles with that aim in mind. Again there would be a space mission to ensure the safe evacuation of the transports. After the evacuation, believing a good defense is strong offense, the UNSC embarks in series of strikes against Covenant controlled planets. As these are Blitzkrieg type strikes, there is little formal Covenant resistance and mostly militia grade opposition. But before long the UNSC forces are recalled to strike a planet where the Covenant believe they’ve found a relic/super weapon. From this point a series of all or nothing offensives happen and Spartans help out. At this point I’m not sure what the momentous final battle would be, so that can still be written.

Halo Wars 2 A Continuing Story
If the events of Halo Wars 2 are after Halo 3, there is a possibility of 3 non-human factions. The Arbiters forces, Elites who still worship forerunners (radical elites), and the Brutes. (Forerunners, the guys in Halo 4 could be included as a faction for players in online gameplay and stir up the campaign more). Here again I am biased to the Arbiter and his friends (I think they’re awesome). The Arbiter is the commander and chief and is eliminating hostile faction, but some the mission would be carried out by “Half Jaw” (the Spec Ops commander in Halo 2/ Ship master in Halo 3). The missions would delve into their character to show why Arbiter is alien equal to Master Chief and why Half Jaw is the alien Equivalent to Sgt. Johnson. Their foes would include the radical Elites, Brutes, and Forerunners. At some point the campaign would switch to the Brutes and their fight to hold back the Arbiter and strike the UNSC.
The UNSC would be aiming to subdue the remaining Covenant. At this point, I have to admit I haven’t played Halo 4 and not totally aware of the politics in that setting. I also don’t want to step on the toes of what might be happening in Halo 5 so it’s hard for me to come up with additional plot points.

Other Thoughts
I love the Halo universe, and you may have noticed I have a soft spot for the Arbiter. I liked the original Halo Wars, but I hated the Covenant characters were so one dimensional, radically into their religion and no personality besides that. I’ve tried to their devout nature, but also create a story that shows their strategic, calculating, and can devout their passions to things that don’t relate the “Great Journey”.
Space battle, as I said, would be a fantastic way to spice up the campaign and gameplay of the game. That being said, in the campaign I’ve imagined would focus on ground battles, because tanks, and troops are the overwhelming bulk of Halo FPS gameplay. I imagine their being 5-7, even 9, land battles in the campaign to every space battle included.
Also the player could start with the first Covenant and UNSC mission unlocked (like in Transformers: War for Cybertron). This way the player can dive into the UNSC if that’s all they care about and won’t be forced to deal with my Elite sympathies.

Shout Out
I love you CA!!!

TBH I just hope its longer xD and there is more cutscenes. If I cant have it longer I want both a UNSC and Covenant