Halo Wars 2 spartan assault smartglass idea

First of all I know Halo Wars 2 is a far fetched idea, but after seeing the similarities of (art style) Halo Wars and Spartan Assault I had an idea.

As most of you know smart glass is a major part of the next generation consoles.

Ex: Battlefield 4 commander mode, The division remote control drones.

So in Spartan Assault you play from a top down view as a Spartan who can shoot, melee, and jack vehicles.

What unit does that sound like in Halo Wars? Spartans, just imagine having 3 Spartans that are human controlled, commanding them where to go, healing them and so on. As the person on smart glass you can only see your small area and a radar with dots pointing to where the RTS player is telling you to go (just like objectives in H:SA). Yes I know there would be those trolls but that’s apart of Xbox Live.

The only problem would be the Covenant since they don’t have Spartans, maybe they could use Elite Zealots.

Another point for this is Halo Wars is not a game you can play with your friends at the same house. But with smart glass you could turn Halo Wars to a fun co-op game.

Please tell me what you think of this idea, and maybe you all can build on it.