Halo Wars 2 Server Issue?

Heya guys haven’t been able to play a game online on Halo Wars 2 since the 22/05. It connects to the servers then says “downloading data” a few seconds later it will disconnect and say “Data Unavailable” the reconnects and repeats the process endlessly. I have left my Xbox on for hours in the hope it will resolve this but is hasn’t and was still endlessly doing the same cycle.

I have cleared my cache, reset my router, reset my Xbox and reinstalled the game all on seperate occasions and it still does the exact same thing

Has anyone else had or having this issue or know anything that can resolve this?
Ps I can play any other games fine online

have that issue now

Unfortunately yeah :disappointed_relieved: I had 1 game at 5am Saturday apart from that still doesn’t work. Couldn’t sleep lol

I’m also having this exact issue.

I have just been speaking to Xbox customer support who have gone through various troubleshooting steps (re-add xbox profile and console reset).

In the end the Microsoft rep forwarded me a link to this thread advising that is an issue with the servers.


I’m with Sky broadband in the UK and turning off my ‘Sky Broadband Shield’ resolved the issue.