Halo Wars 2 RTS w/FPS in it: Read 4 Details!!

Okay I’ve been reading here on the forums about people wanting Halo Wars 2 to be a FPS well I have a solution to the problem so read on. Okay so I was playing COD ( I know cod) and they had a similar idea to what I was thinking Halo Wars 2 should entail. The ABILITY TO CONTROL UNITS FIRST PERSON!..

So my idea is this:

In Halo Wars 2 there should be the option when you click on a unit to take control of it. If you select a group it should display the selection like it normally does ( at the bottom of the screen) except with one small difference.

When you normally group select it will display the different types of units in categories; with numbers showing the number of units of that category Eg 25 marines. So now with my idea you use the d-pad to move onto the category you click an unused button it will open up the list of the units in the category with there ammo, health, shields, weapons ,and grenade information. You then select the "squad you want again with the unused button.

Now when you have control of a squad you should ( with a click of a button) be able to switch between the different units in your squad. When you switch to a new unit the old unit becomes an AI. Now as you are in control of units you should be able to still order other units around. Kind of like in the COD Black Ops 2 strike missions.

Now with another click of a button (preferably select button) it should put you back in overhead view and all units should turn back into AI units.

So with this system Halo Wars 2 could be a FPS and an RTS!


Some other Halo ideas for Halo Wars 2 (If it happens) are a map editor (not forge but a Far Cry 2 like map editor with full terrain and weather and units etc capabilites) and theater mode!!!

For the editor one should be able to place objects, bases, buildings on there own, and AI units (whether they are AI’s or belong to a certain team at the beginning of the match this should be in the options)

Anyways I know I am not very clear with my ideas because I am not very good at getting my ideas across on paper or in this case in the forums but please post below. I know if these things were in the game Halo Wars 2 could be a game just as popular as Halo

the only problem with the FPS part is that you could be a really good halo player and just destroy the enemies units or the same could happen to you i think that they should leave it a RTS if they make another because i played COD also unfortunately and just destroyed the enemy in first person on veteran which just ruined the RTS part of the mission

What if you had the RTS element be in a space combat-like environment, where you controlled frigates, sabers, pelicans, and longswords against cruisers, seraphs, phantoms, and banshees. The FPS element could be on the planet fighting, typical UNSC vs Covenant, the basic Halo experience, except the flagships under RTS player command can drop supplies for the FPS players, who in turn would have to fight and destroy enemy strongholds,kill enemy players, etc to earn the resources for said drops, you could call it “planetary invasion” and you could play Team Slayer and other FPS gametypes, or, you can play other RTS gametypes, if you don’t enjoy planetary invasion. If that could be done (maybe next-gen, not current gen) then i think an RTS/FPS would be possible. Great idea, and I hope this helped on concepts, and if these were your general ideas, I hope I helped to clarify them, as I’ve had the same ideas myself.

The idea that I’ve had for a long while is quite straightforward. Basically the three Spartans that you have on your team can be controlled by human FPS players under the command of another player who plays the game as an RTS.

The commander could control ordinance drops, base builds and any vehicles and infantry on the map. He would be the play-maker of the team. The commander would also be able to view any of the Spartan’s screens like in the movie Aliens.

The Spartans would obviously have to ensure that the enemy’s numbers are kept as low as possible while thwarting any attempts of sabotage by the enemy Spartans. Their gameplay could incorporate multiple gametypes such as Territories, Dominion and Bomb – imagine if the Spartans gained territories so that they inch closer and closer to the enemy base. They can now respawn from these territories and also transport bombs to the enemy’s base(s). What if three bomb hits could destroy an entire base. They could also be responsible for radio blackouts and other forms of sabotage. The possibilities are endless.

Infantry would cost considerably less than vehicles so that the max objects on the map wouldn’t be exceeded. I think that this would make for an excellent game. They could expand it to make something like World of Warcraft (they could name it Halo Universe or something like that) where land can be gained or lost and factions or even armies can work together towards big goals such as the creation of nations.

it would be a halo version of stormrise then


i’ll love a hybrid of FPS and RTS

combining one general to command the troops and tanks

and one spartan player (with other spartan players aswell)that can hijack tanks and kill infantry and blow up buildings

that would be the perfect game

and totaly would consider that the best xbox exclusive

Halo wars is perfect just like this , we don’t need FPS on an RTS game

You literally have like 7 other Halo games that are FPS. Let us keep the one game (or two games, purty plz) that IS and RTS, and RTS.

It defeats the S in RTS if you can just select someone and destroy the entire enemy with that one guy. Believe me, you could.

> It defeats the S in RTS if you can just select someone and destroy the entire enemy with that one guy.

… like when the Arbiter rages down two entire armies and ends up with more health than when he started.

> You literally have like 7 other Halo games that are FPS. Let us keep the one game (or two games, purty plz) that IS and RTS, and RTS.
> It defeats the S in RTS if you can just select someone and destroy the entire enemy with that one guy. Believe me, you could.

I agree… if it were to be made, RTS would be a must.
Thats what drew the fans in… atleast, what drew me in. A larger selection of troops would be a plus, and space battles would be nifty as well. Just, dont take away from the initial thing that made the game unique for Halo games.