Halo Wars 2 Ranks?

Hey everyone!

You all know the “miitary-style” of the ranks in Halo Wars…

Do you think we will have them back?

Personally I would love it to have more military ranks because it`s still better then the Halo 5 Arena Ranks… They are maybe nice for the playlist but I really would love to see the “real” ranks back…

Just like you`re a commander and you have in the Deathmatch mode a diamond 3 rank.

What do you think?

I may be completely missing the real question here (I feel like I am having never played HW1), but here goes…

I don’t think that the game will use military ranks as your multiplayer skill rank. The beta already featured Halo 5’s rankng system (I was a solid bronze ;)). I don’t think hta this will change. These new rank names seem to be 343’s new ranking system (which I am totally in support of).

I got Onyx in the beta, I think the Halo 5 ranks are the best for HW2, they’re skill relateded, and similar to how all the popular competetive games are set up. Though, I wouldn’t mind there being the classic HW1 ranks in HW2, alongside the H5 ranks. Similar to how Halo 3 had it.