Halo Wars 2 random leader doesn’t select DLC leaders

When I play halo wars 2 I like to select random leader but I noticed that it never selects my DLC leaders. I retry over and over and nothing changes, Is there a way to fix this?

Ah! I noticed this too. No fix that I know of, unfortunately. Support for Halo Wars 2 has ended for now, so I doubt this will be fixed by developers, but at least we have the option to select random leaders in a manual sense.

On my end, this problem similarly affects Blitz cards not being upgraded in the DLC Leader area. DLC packs are clearly buggy at the moment, but I am finding ways to cut down on these glitches by individually uninstalling and reinstalling each DLC pack to see if they’re amended that way. So far it’s promising, so I recommend giving it a try if you have the time and energy to rigorously test it.

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That’s a shame, not good at all. I know it works for some people, because I’ve used random leader before and I do get the DLC leaders. And I’ve seen it done all the time on Youtube.