Halo Wars 2 population

My question is what happened to population, marines are now worth 3 pop. instead of 1 even though we have moe base pop. that is not great in my opinion, as the name suggests we want to go to war I don’t want to be stuck wth 14 marines squads just so I can have other units, I feel that marines pop. needs t be taken down back to 1 and maybe some other unit types because I personally want to go to war with the biggest UNSC army I can muster, either lower unit pop. or raise max. pop. or both because I want to go to war with an entire army, not just a few tanks, warthogs, and marines.

Lol that’s not how deployments work man. Usually a deployment consists of a few hundred people from a battalion that go as a company (Army and Marines) or squadrons (Air Force). I can go into further detail if you like.

Halo Wars is more about deploying strike force packages to contest assets or an area from the enemy. Rarely (in the books) were firebases larger than a battalion in a given AOR (Area of Responsibility). UNSC doctrine is to use the least amount of force nessisary to accomplish the mission. It saves asset and lives to strategize this way.

Hope this clears up a little bit for you. If you need more detail let me know.

^ Mass cluster F $#@ battles are more fun than strategy though lol.

I agree I want a enormous army and epic battles

There will be more population upgrades with the release of the main game, for the beta they only included 1 upgrade.