Halo Wars 2 plot theory

Hi all,

I got a theory about the banished. What if the Banished are on the ark to protect it? What if the Banished went to the ark and attacked the humans there because they believe the humans are too weak to protect it.

I think that the created are pushing through the galaxy and attacking Banished forces. Maybe some of Atriox’s men were with the prophets during the battle on the ark and that’s how Atriox knew about it. So the Banished know of the Created plans and they went to the Ark to protect it from them and may believe it as a safe haven.

Maybe this could be completely wrong and the Banished are just big monkey jerks and they’re hunting forerunner technology for selfish reasons. But that’s the fun of theories! I can see some problems with the theory like “How did the banished become aware of the plans?” or “Why are the banished trying to protect it and do they know what it does?” etc.

Leave your thoughts down below, I want to see what you guys have to say!

Yeah I like your theory

Nice theory man.