Halo Wars 2 PC Out of Sync Issue

Hi Team,

Having an issue with 2 PCs via the same router (aka within the same LAN), every game we start together comes up with the error “Out of Sync” (pretty much exactly 6 seconds into the game) and then immediately disconnects and exits the match. This happens during both campaign and multiplayer.

Some background information, both PCs running the latest version of Windows 10.

I assumed it was a port issue so these are following solutions I have tried to resolve this issue. static IP addresses on both, UPnP disabled (originally tried with enabled) including disabling UPnP and SSDP service on both computers, Ports forwarded (opened suggested Xbox live ports from internet) for one PC while the other has been placed in DMZ as well as trying port triggering at port 3074. Also tried opening Halo Wars 2 via cmd using -port 10001 while having port 10001 open for one computers ip address.

I have also installed Halo wars 2 on 2 Xbox Ones on the same network and were successfully able to make it past 6 seconds. I haven’t played a full match with the xbox’s however was running fine 2 minutes into the game. This makes me think it is only an issue with the PC port.

At this point I have run out of ideas on what to try to get it to work, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.