Halo Wars 2 [PC]: Black screen during campaign

Just got the game yesterday via games pass. During campaign missions at random points, the game freezes and cuts to black screen. Game audio persists and I can hear commands are working when I press Q and right click to move troops.

My setup is old but still meets requirements:
AMD FX-6300
AMD R9 200 series (280x)
8GB ram
Audio is through graphics HDMI

Steps taken so far:

  • Reboot - Installed latest graphics drivers - Uninstalled and reinstalled game - Throttled fps (shouldn’t have to) - Turned off graphics heavy features (ambient occlusion etc.)In comparison, MCC works perfectly on my machine at almost max settings.
    If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Update for those who are having the same problem: playing in window mode has proved to be the only remedy so far. Haven’t had a problem since. Was finally able to get through the first few missions in the campaign.
There must be some issue with how windows 10 manages the process in fullscreen. In theory, it should be less taxing on graphics to be in fullscreen so I don’t really understand why.